Ontario announces additional nominations for 2017

Ontario announces additional nominations for 2017

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs, has received an additional nomination allocation for 2017.

News of the increase was announced December 18.

A spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration said the exact number of additional nominations would only be announced at a later date.

The news follows an update on Nov. 22 in which the OINP said it had met its allocation of 6,000 nominations under Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program for 2017.

As a result of the increase, the OINP says it will continue to process applications and issue nominations until the additional allocation is met.

Additionally, any applications submitted that exceed the OINP’s nomination allocation will also be processed and successful applicants will be nominated in 2018.

The OINP accepts applications under 10 different immigration streams.

Ontario will likely benefit from a slightly larger allotment in 2018 under the federal government’s multi-year immigration plan, which was announced in early November. In 2017, Canada had a Provincial Nominee Program allotment target of 51,000, which is due to increase to 55,000 in 2018.

The federal plan calls for a 32 per cent increase in PNP targets between 2017 and 2020.


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